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To say it straight in only one sentence: gpg4usb is a very easy to use portable-application, which combines a simple text-editor with a GnuPG-frontend to write, encrypt and decrypt your text-messages. gpg4usb should work on almost any computer you're working on, should it be a Linux-machine or even one with a Microsoft-OS running.

Almost the only thing required is an available usb-port you are allowed to access. With this application you can write safe and encrypted messages anywhere you are: should it be an internet-cafe, at work or somewhere else on holiday... and you always have the encryption-keys available for usage!

The usage of gpg4usb should be highly self-describing, since the user-interface and all the options it offers are clear cut: Simply execute the binary on your usb-pendrive and start typing e.g. the Mailtext you want to be encrypted. If you're done, choose the right gpg/pgp-key for the person you are writing to and hit the encrypt-icon at the top of the application-window. The resulting encrypted text you can save as a text-file to send it as mail-attachment, or copy it directly into your mail-user-agent or webmail-website. To make sure, you can read this message by yourself afterwards, encrypt it for the recipient and to yourself at the same time - if you want, you can mark as much keys as you want to encrypt for.

You want to add a gpg/pgp-key to your mobile keyring? Nothing's easier than that: just hit the crypto-menue-entry and choose Import Key from File or Import Key from Editor. This means that it's possible to import an ascii-armored pubkey via file-dialog, or via copy&paste into your editor-window. If you find a key e.g. on a website, just copy it, paste it into the gpg4usb-editor and hit Import Key from Editor - that's it, and the key shows up on your keyring!
Release notes: New Release
New features:
TE First start wizard with posibility to
TE create new key
TE import config and keys from old version
TE import from locally installed GnuPG
TE Integrated offline help system
TE Dialog with result of key import
TE Key details dialog more user friendly
TE Zoomable text area
TE File operation toolbar
TE Added Arabian translation

Minor changes:
TE Build with Qt 4.8
TE Strike out revoked keys in keylist and add warning to keydetails dialog
TE Change default iconsize to 24x24
TE Show selection for keyring files in import dialog
TE Understandable message if no private key found for decryption
TE Add button to copy fingerprint in key detail dialog and remove whitespaces on copy
TE Automatically restart gpg4usb on language change
TE Change file encryption to single dialogs for en- and decryption
TE Disable tab related actions when no tab is shown

TE Fix crash on canceling password dialog on Windows
TE Clear password cache after signing, if password remember isn't enabled
[ gpg4usb full changelog ]

Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64

Tags: encrypt text   edit text   Decrypt Text   encode   Decode   edit  

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